Finding Your Purpose

What is guiding you? What gets you out of bed in the morning? What can you give to others around you and  the world? 
So often we haven’t taken the time to reflect and ask these questions and find ourselves on autopilot. 
With purpose comes goals that allow us to create our lives and direct our actions. 
We use a simple formula to get clear on our Purpose: Values + Strengths + Passions + Service = Your Purpose

When you clarify these guiding principles you learn how to shape your life around them and how to live On Purpose.

By spending some time on each of these elements you start to get clear on what you are ALL ABOUT 

Here are a couple of easy tools to use to help you get started...enjoy!

P.s if you want some inspiration here is Gandhi's Purpose Statement

Here's a cool video on Purpose to get you started, check it out................... PURPOSE

1. Gratitude

A great tool for finding your Purpose. Focusing on what you already have is a very grounding place to start from.

-On waking say three things (in your head or aloud if you want!) you are grateful for and one thing you want. Some examples here
-Try to visualise the things you are saying.
-Do this everyday for 2 weeks.

2. Passions

By spending time on your passions you energise what you truly love. A key element of your Purpose.

-Write down two things you most are passionate about and want to pursue right now.
-In your calendar and schedule in 2 x 1 hour spots per week for the next two weeks. Spend this time on your passions (block out more time if your passion needs Paragliding!) Some examples here
-Go for it....this is the time!

3. Giving

Giving is integral to your Purpose as this is the action part of what you are all about.....this is what drives you.

-Write a list of all the things you would like to give in life (to family, environment, community etc).
-Now pick the one that most resonates with you right now, write it down.
-In your calendar and schedule in 2 spots per week for the next two weeks where you will take action on your choice. Some examples here
-Go for is the best feeling you can get! 

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