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Firstly welcome to the page, good on you for taking this first step to making a change - the hardest part!

Are you sitting a lot for work, want to lose weight, want to feel fitter and stronger to do the things you love, want to have more energy, want to focus on longevity, or recovering from a health issue?..... then this training is for you.

As a trainer I take a holistic approach and look at you as a whole person combining all the elements needed to get you feeling your best. We will start where you are and work toward your goals in a sustainable way that is fun and effective.

You will have a personal coach and guide the whole way and be empowered with tools and knowledge that build habits for a lifetime. Draw on these wherever you go and you are the master of your health, well-being and fitness. 

The training focuses on natural movement patterns helping you improve strength, fitness, mobility and flexibility all in one. We infuse breath and mind-body work to leave you feeling energised, vital and balanced.

Each session is varied, progressive and most of all fun! We will work with where you are on the day... if you are tired and worn out, we're taking it slow and bringing energy back in  - if you're energised we'll harness that and take it to where you want to go.

My special interest is Longevity and Return to Health training. No matter what age/stage/level you are at this is a seriously effective way to create positive change in your life. I look forward to working with you on this journey of vitality and positive change.

Sessions are in Person or via Zoom.

Thanks so much - Mike


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