What People Say

The online exercise sessions have been a lifesaver. As an instructor, Mike is always positive, encouraging and inclusive. I like that I can do the sessions in the privacy of my own home and that there are options to go as hard or slow as I feel on the day. I find the sessions really energising and have been surprised at how quickly I've built up my strength and fitness through body weight exercises. I'm looking forward to continuing these sessions now that I'm working from home more often'
PR Payne

'It's been great to be able to join Mike’s fitness group. Having access to his expertise via zoom, provided me with flexibility and a good routine and encouragement to keep moving. I discovered that I really enjoy his calm professional method of guiding and teaching and also the fact that he always gives options for each exercise and sequence. Being able to continue with him is great and I feel very fortunate. Thanks Mike—you’ve got me off the couch!!'
Liz Horton

Mike's workshop was the nudge I needed to re-enquire into the communities that surround me in my town. The conversations produced some super simple tools for me to reach out and start different sorts of connections which have lifted me up.
Sarah Lancaster

The 'Be Here Now' workshop was a total surprise for me at  Splore Festival. The pace, the interaction, and the tools had us in the zone from start to end and it was all simple stuff. I'm a 'one thing at a time' addict now. Thanks Mike for your knowledge and delivery, I can't recommend this enough.
Simon Elson

Mike, I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed the experience of training with you. You are such a cool, motivational guy and have really changed my life in that respect - I never thought I would do any kind of training, ever!! So, thank you so much Mike, you are AWESOME and I am referring you to heaps of people I know that are looking to make positive changes.
Carmen McMaster

Our team recently went through the Wellbeing By Design workshop, Rest and Re-set. After meeting Mike at a community event and seeing how passionate he was about these workshops I had to get us along! It was one of the best things I've done for our staff. It was so much more than a staff wellness program. The workshop was interactive and experiential at every step with plenty of space for reflection. The learning really came from everyone there which made it a fantastic bonding experience at the same time. The workshop was very organic and Mike facilitated it in a way that kept things flowing. We learnt loads of great tools and have been keeping each other in check ever since. In terms of culture building and team health this has been 10 out of 10. Cheers Mike.
Steve Crowe 

I actually got started with Mike after a family member pulled me aside and said I had to make some major changes or I'd be facing some serious health consequences. Mike got me going with a five week starter programme where he looked at all my lifestyle factors and we decided what was most important to focus on. We met twice a week and I completed 30 days of whole food eating over this time. To be honest I can't believe the results, I lost a lot of weight which was my main concern.  I have completely changed the way I have been eating (a 40 year habit), and a few weeks ago I climbed and cut down a large tree in our back yard (something I wouldn't have considered a few months ago). I really appreciate Mike's real life approach to coaching and guidance through all the challenges that crop up. Our regular sessions keep me motivated to continue doing what I'm doing and feeling great.
Kim Piper

I met Mike through a referral from a friend and found him to be a great guy who really knows his stuff. I've had big improvements in overall well-being mostly and have made some really effective lifestyle changes which suprised me. My energy feels really stable and I'm more balanced, everything from work to playing with the kids is easier and more enjoyable. I've tried a lot of different things over the years and found Mikes holistic approach to be really effective with long-term habit change. 
Mike Moran

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