10 WAYS to Simplify Your Life and make it Radically Yours

Simplifying our lives can be one of the most empowering things we can do to free ourselves up and travel light through life.  It doesn't take long to fill life up with clutter and be running all day to manage it all.  The feeling of control you get back through simplifying is amazing and it's really pretty easy.

One of the main things we get back through simplifying life is time. Time to focus on the most important things in our lives, Family, Friends, Passions, Hobbies, Community, Health. There's so many benefits: less expensive lifestyle = less costs/debt and more freedom, ability to do more meaningful work, less clutter, more happiness, more focused!

There's heaps of ways to do this and we're going to look at the 10 most effective here.  One of the cool things about this is that simplifying is a good time! The more you do the more you can see other areas it can be done. So whether you're just getting started or this is a yearly ritual.....let's go....

1. Go Slow
Whether it's eating, driving, walking, talking or breathing,  going slow is the best way to be present and realise the thing we are rushing to is happening right now! Here are a few quick ways to get into the moment

2. Eat Simply
Buy in bulk and make food in batches. Make your own of your favourite things: smoothies, sauerkraut, bread etc.... it's such a good time and so cheap.
Have a pot-luck with your friends in a nice spot - way more fun than a restaurant and so cheap. Eat Wholefoods - these are nutrient dense and keep you full for longer, reduce cravings, and keep you away from the doctor.
Create a simple weekly dinner menu - no more thinking what to cook and easy shopping whoop! Simple tips on how eat a Wholefood diet

3. Simple Communication
Slow it down....give it 24hrs to reply to emails/texts (so often the issue has been resolved by then anyway). Schedule in times during the day to reply to email and do them in bulk, this is much more time efficient. Reduce the amount of communication channels you have down to your most used.

4. Priorities
Think about the main things you want to do in your life and make a list (no more than 5) - These are your priorities, nothing else matters. Do this for your home and work life too. 

5. Live Local
“Living Locally is getting into a mindset where the first place you look for everything you need is from your own back yard outward.
It’s about being present in your own community….settling down enough to say ‘this is where I am, how can I make it better than it’s ever been’"-1greengeneration
Check out 9 easy ways to live more locally....
The local living benefits are huge: greater community connection, creates more time - less travel!, greater ease of life, less environmental impact, a more meaningful and quality life.

6. Simple Hobbies
Often recreation can be time consuming, complicated to get to/do, expensive and have the opposite effect of what your were wanting from it. Having simple hobbies can be really satisfying and nourishing. Things like: getting into nature, hanging out with friends, spending time alone (reading, meditation etc), gardening, cooking.

7. Living Frugally 
This one is simple - buy less want less. For example having a very simple wardrobe and fitting out your kitchen with second hand plates/pots etc (they are usually way cooler anyway ha). Have a simple easy to follow budget that you stick to - no wondering what you can spend, nice and clear - awesome. Have less impact on the world as a result.

8. Simple Health
Great health can be so straight forward. Using simple techniques and making small changes in your daily lifestyle can have huge effects on your health. Great results can be obtained by small, consistent actions. By setting up the ‘conditions’ to heal and thrive the body and mind do the rest.
Did you know smelling the skin of an orange naturally boosts your mood? Do you know what happens if you stand barefoot on the grass for 5 minutes a day?  Check out these 10 simple health tips..

9. Create Routines and Systems in your Life
Routines and systems sound so boring but NO my friends - these are one of the BEST ways to simplify your life! Often we have un-consciously created routines in our lives that complicate things - eg for me I had a routine for so long of having no schedule for dinners creating confusion every night!
SO if you consciously make your routine or system you simplify your life by reducing the amount of decisions you have to make, being more focused, creating positive boundaries and being less re-active (like my old dinner times :) ).
Create these around: your finances, household chores, your communications etc

10. Reduce Distractions
At it’s core, simplifying your life is about removing distractions. It's about de-cluttering all the things that take you away from what's most important to you. Some common distractions/solutions:
- email - do this in blocks
- screen time - reduce smartphone time, delete apps, turn it off
- unused posessions - get rid of things you don't use, de-clutter, organise your space 
- multi-tasking - do one thing at a time
- thoughts -  meditate.... here's a nice simple meditation
- too much social media - delete apps, limit consumption

11. Refuse - Reduce - Re-use - Recycle
I know this is a list of 10 but I couldn't leave this one out. This age old wisdom basically summarises all the ways to simplify in one...
Refuse - Don't buy it, don't take the plastic bag, don't bring it into the house etc
Reduce - If we can't refuse it then to reduce the amount you use is next - easy
Re-use - Before buying new or throwing something out see if we can re-use what we've got
Re-cycle - If we have to throw something out recycle it to be used again by someone else

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