Community Gardening

We are big supporters of community gardening at TLT & WBD. We see community gardening as such an uplifting activity that combines all the elements of health and wellbeing while giving to others, the world, and ourselves.  

Moving naturally as you garden, working collectively with other people and building community, giving time and energy, recharging by being in nature and putting your hands in the earth, growing and eating local and seasonal produce, using basic principles to grow and maintain resilient gardens

You simply can't leave a community garden not feeling energised and connected!

What is Community Gardening?

"A community garden is a single piece of land gardened collectively by a group of people.” 

A simple definition, but a community garden is so much more than just a piece of land! Community gardens bring people of different ages, genders, and ethnicity's together to establish something beautiful. Each individual plays a role in making the garden successful.

Not only do gardens increase access to fresh food and nature, they also beautify neighborhoods, create sustainable environments, and are places of learning. Community gardens provide us with the opportunity to learn, grow, and live together.

Where is this happening?

Many neighbourhoods have a community garden up and running. They come in different forms from traditional, to roof-top, to guerrilla gardens (street verge). It's worth finding out what is happening near you, you'll be suprised what is hidden down an alleyway or behind a large fence.

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