10 Grounding Exercises for Becoming Present

Here is a list of 10 really quick ways to become present, calm and in the moment. The way these tools work is they help you to focus on where you are and what is happening rather than the thoughts in your mind. This can quickly bring us into perspective and have a super calming effect.

The key with these tools is to use them consistently so that you have a bunch of mini-pauses built into your day. They are really easy and can be done in the middle of just about anything.

I hope you find these helpful in your life - Enjoy! 
These exercises are taken from www.livingwell.org.au. Check out their site for heaps more tools.

10 Grounding Exercises for Becoming Present

  • Take ten slow breaths. Focus your attention fully on each breath, on the way in and on the way out. Say number of the breath to yourself as you exhale.
  • Splash some water on your face. Notice how it feels. Notice how the towel feels as you dry.
  • Feel the clothes on your body, whether your arms and legs are covered or not, and the sensation of your clothes as you move in them. Notice how your feet feel to be encased in shoes or socks.
  • Stop and listen. Notice and name what sounds you can hear nearby. Gradually move your awareness of sounds outward, so you are focusing on what you can hear in the distance.
  • Look around you, notice what is front of you and to each side. Name and notice the qualities of large objects and then smaller ones.
  • Get up and walk around. Take your time to notice each step as you take one, then another.
  • Clap and rub your hands together. Hear the noise and feel the sensation in your hands and arms.
  • Stretch.

  •  Run your hands over something with an interesting texture.
  •  If you can, step outside, notice the temperature of the air and how much it is different or similar to where you have just come from.

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