Zoom Holistic Exercise Group Sessions

Are you working from home, don't have time to get to a class, like the freedom of exercising wherever, whenever? Then the Holistic Exercise sessions are for you.......

Formulated over the last decade of coaching and seeing what really works, these sessions will leave you feeling fitter and stronger and more energised. 

Working on the 6 natural body movements we always start with an energy check-in so you know what level you want to work to on the day. There is a focus on sustainable exercise for longevity and balance

These sessions are for absolutely anyone no matter what age, stage or level and are live and fully coach led  .  

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Mike explaining the Holistic Exercise Sessions

What's Involved?

Each session will look like this:

Dynamic Mobility

(Moving Stretches)

Natural Movement Workout


Cool Down Stretch
Breath-Work/Mind-Body Work

1. Increases in full-body functional strength
2. Improved mobility, core control and balance
3. Feeling more balanced, physically and emotionally
4. Strengthened heart and cardiovascular levels
5. Big improvements in energy levels 

What People Say

'The online sessions have been a lifesaver. As an instructor, Mike is always positive, encouraging and inclusive. I like that I can do the sessions in the privacy of my own home and that there are options to go as hard or slow as I feel on the day. I find the sessions really energising and have been surprised at how quickly I've built up my strength and fitness through body weight exercises. I'm looking forward to continuing these sessions now that I'm working from home more often'
PR Payne

'It's been great to be able to join Mike’s fitness group. Having access to his expertise via zoom, provided me with flexibility and a good routine and encouragement to keep moving. I discovered that I really enjoy his calm...read more
Liz Horton

'Living in my tiny apartment in the cbd, Mikes Zoom workout sessions are my endorphin fix during lockdown...read more
Barbs Cuevas

'Great for someone struggling to fit in time to get to an exercise class, these are a saving of time, petrol and parking! 
I like Mike's gentle non-pushy style...read more

Cathy Miller

Current Groups - Pricing

Current groups running:
10am Tuesday - Click here to join the session
10am Thursday - Click here to join the session
9am Saturday - Click here to join the session

12pm Tuesday - TBC
12pm Thursday - TBC

First Session Free - 
Send me a message now for your Free First Session
$10 Per Session - Simple! 

Mike - truelifetraining@gmail.com

Please arrive 5-10 minutes before the class arrives so we are ready to go.

To join the class simply click on the link above and you will enter the meeting. If you do not have Zoom account you will be prompted through the simple process to set this up. For the session simply have your screen in a position where I can mostly see you and you can clearly see me.

  • I will ‘Admit’ participants in to the class from the waiting room, please be patient
  • Once I start the class, I will ‘mute’ everyone so we don't have cross-over noise
  • The aim is to work at your own level. Do everything at your pace and rest whenever you need

Here is a Video explaining how to use Zoom for a class.....

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