Be Here Now - Workshop

Simple Tools for Calm & Balance in Modern Life

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'In a sped up world that offers distractions to fill every minute - taking a moment to pause, breathe and re-charge, could be the most important thing we do all day'

Welcome to the 'Be Here Now' Workshop! As part of the Wellbeing By Design program the 'Be Here Now Workshop' aims to show you the importance of being grounded and present for your health and happiness and to empower you with the skills to make it part of your life. 

It's sometimes hard to believe but calm is of equal importance to activity, both physical and mental. This is the part of our lives where we repair and most importantly GROW. Everything from mood to memory to gut health is reliant on rest and re-charge. 

Find your best method of being grounded and present and how to factor that into your day. See how easy it is to build these positive habits and how powerful the effects are in every area of your life. 

We've all heard of the health effects of a cortisol driven lifestyle, from diabetes to a lowered immune system to cardiovascular disease. Now we're here to show you how to slow things up, be in control and be more effective, focused, and calm than ever.

The beauty of the workshop is that the skills you will learn are so quick and simple that they can be  used effectively and straight away.  

See what to expect on the day

  • Quick Focus Techniques for becoming Present
  • Learn about Mind-Gut Connection
  • See how Active Rest brings Balance
  • Breathing Techniques for Calm and Happiness
  • Investigate Benefits of good Sleep Routines
  • Learn a Simple Meditation you can use anytime


                                                           Some of the many experienced workshop outcomes:
Feeling more focussed | More effective | Able to be more present with people | Feeling clearer with less confusion / overwhelm | Ability to make clearer decisions |  More time for what's important | Happier and more content | Less rushed, more balanced and calm | More settled rejuvenating sleep | Consistent energy levels | Feeling in control

Sarinah Hurford

Sarinah is a Naturopath, Medical Herbalist, and Massage Therapist who truly lives her craft. Her mission is to educate and inspire people to live life to the fullest. She runs Tailored Health and believes a multi-dimensional approach to health and well-being is the foundation for optimal health.


Mike Jewell

Mike is a Health Coach and promoter of Holistic Health. Through his studies of well-being around the world and experience alongside great natural health practitioners, he's more and more excited by the power of holistic health each day. Mike is passionate about human potential and empowering people to live the best life they can.

Just a note: Mike & Sarinah do not present the workshop together, it is either one or the other depending on the day/location.


The 'Be Here Now Workshop'  is available for groups, workplaces, and organisations. For bookings and inquiries please contact:


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