Wellbeing By Design has a basis in, and takes influence from, a variety of disciplines, teaching and studies. Below is a list showing some of these:

Naturopathy: The holistic medical approach which employs natural modalities that encourage the individual's inherent self healing process :  

Chek Institute - The art and science of performance and well-being:

Blue Zone Study - Longevity studies on the worlds longest living people:

Sustainability - Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability to meet the needs of the future:

Practical Philosophy - Practical ways to simplify, clarify, and enrich human perspective and self awareness:

Permaculture - Systems of agricultural and social design principles utilizing patterns observed in nature:

Whole Food Nutrition - Unrefined, unprocessed, nutrient dense food in its natural state.

Local Food Systems -  Networks of food production and consumption that aim to be geographically and economically accessible sustainable and direct:

Funtional Movement, Gray Cook - Movements based on real world situations. Natural human movement:

Community Gardening - Shared spaces collectively gardened. Community spirit, learning and ownership:

Small House Living - Simple living in small spaces:

Food Sovereignty - The right to local, healthy food and the choice to decide what to eat:

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