Holistic Exercise Class Testimonials

'The online sessions have been a lifesaver. As an instructor, Mike is always positive, encouraging and inclusive. I like that I can do the sessions in the privacy of my own home and that there are options to go as hard or slow as I feel on the day. I find the sessions really energising and have been surprised at how quickly I've built up my strength and fitness through body weight exercises. I'm looking forward to continuing these sessions now that I'm working from home more often'
PR Payne

'It's been great to be able to join Mike’s fitness group. Having access to his expertise via zoom, provided me with flexibility and a good routine and encouragement to keep moving. I discovered that I really enjoy his calm professional method of guiding and teaching and also the fact that he always gives options for each exercise and sequence. Being able to continue with him is great and I feel very fortunate. Thanks Mike—you’ve got me off the couch!!'
Liz Horton

Living in my tiny apartment in the cbd, Mikes Zoom workout sessions are my endorphin fix during lockdown. 3x a week I get to move my body, get my heart rate up in the comfort of my home. The classes kept me motivated & energised and I plan to continue joining even after my local gym has opened.  You’re a lifesaver during lockdown, thank you Mike!
Barbs Cuevas

'I joined Mike's Zoom sessions during lockdown and found this a good way to exercise without leaving my home or office, in an area the size of a yoga mat. Great for someone struggling to fit in time to get to an exercise class, these are a saving of time, petrol and parking! 
I like Mike's gentle non-pushy style, and that he provides alternative versions of each exercise.
Thoroughly recommend you give these a try
Cathy Miller

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