Guided Meditation

Here is a great guided meditation. It is one that I use a lot in workshops which is really effective. This is an excellent tool that can be used daily (5 times if you want!) and will quiet the mind and make you feel very present. 

The more you use and practice this meditation the easier and more effective it becomes. You will soon be able to use it at a moments notice to bring calm to your day in an instant.

I suggest starting this with a partner so you can talk each other through it one at a time. After a short time you will know the process and be able to do it on your own, anytime, anywhere. Enjoy!

Wherever you’re at, take a seat, close your eyes, relax (1 minute)

Now start paying attention to your breathing. Notice the natural rhythm of your breath, don’t try to adjust it. (2 minutes).

Next, focus your awareness on sensations (4 minutes).
Feel your feet on the floor, thighs on the chair, lower back against the chair, sensation of your upper back and shoulders, arms and hands, then neck and head and face.

Focus your awareness on sounds (2 minutes). First the sounds in the room then outside then the furthermost sound you can hear.

Now sit in this full state of awareness (1-2 minutes)

Now slowly open your eyes, take a couple moments to center yourself, and then continue on with your day.

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