Goal Setting - Universe Style!

There are so many ways to set goals and work towards them. Most of these involve making very specific goals with multiple steps, measures, reviews and time-frames to get there. If you're anything like me this approach has never worked! I'm just not that kind of person and lose all motivation with all the admin involved....

This goal setting technique is really simple and is basically putting things out there without getting caught up in the 'how'. Letting the universe work it out :) I was shown this years ago and have used it ever since. Every year I can't believe how powerful this is and how many of the things I write down come to fruition.

Goal setting is one of the most creative things we can do in our lives. It's a way of bringing our dreams into reality and creating the life we want. What I love about this is that you get it started and the universe does the rest. It's a joyful and natural way to create the things you want in your life.

5 Steps to Setting your Goals - Universe Style!

1. At the beginning of the year (or anytime you want to start) grab a piece of paper and do the following....

2. Write down 4-6 themes you want to create goals around (values, passions, interests). Picture 1

3. Now write some specific things you want to do within each of these themes e.g Learn - Basic Spanish (don't get caught up in the detail, this will take care of itself). Picture 2

4. Put this piece of paper away somewhere safe. You are done :)

5. At the end of the year pull out the piece of paper and re-read your goals. Be amazed at the amount of these that have come into reality...................SIMPLE!

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