10 Tips For Completing 30 Days of Wholefood Eating (or any Eating Plan!)

Are you about to change what you eat for the better for a month (or more)? If the answer is Yes here are 10 tips that will most definitely get you through this exciting, life changing experience.  

I have been coaching people through a 30 day wholefoods eating plan for the last decade and have seen all the challenges that come up and the way the body reacts, evolves and balances over this time. So this list should cover all these things and help you see the big picture on your journey.

I'd love to hear from you if you have any other questions at all or if you would like to go through the 30 day eating plan I use.  This is one of the most empowering journeys we can go on and your life will never be the same again....and absolutely anyone can do it! 

Top 10 Tips for 30 days of Wholefood Eating

1. Be prepared. Organise your food and meal plans a week in advance. Do a whole week's plan and just replicate it 4x.

2. Keep your rituals I.e if you love having a coffee in the mornings or breakfast out on the weekend keep doing it! Just substitute in a food or drink from the list, this can get really creative (turmeric latte anyone?).

3. Find the cafes and food stores in your local area that sell / serve the food you're eating. It's pretty easy to find these days.

4. This is how it's going to go:
Week 1 - detox and withdrawals - stick with it, it passes!
Week 2 - cravings for the foods (sugars / stimulants etc) that you're used to.
Week 3 - cravings gone - energy stable - feeling great.
Week 4 - it'll be feeling like your new norm

5. Learn about all the great ways to naturally add flavour to your food (spices/oils/vinegars etc). This is key as it keeps your food interesting and is so easy.

6. If you can't start the days without a coffee try this: go for a short, brisk walk (5-10 minutes). Then drink a glass of water with a splash of apple cider. This combo does the trick and keeps you feeling energised way longer than a coffee without the come down.

7. Count down backwards from 30 days crossing off each day as you complete it. It's a way easier way to move through this time.

8. Learn good snack options and have them on hand (nuts, hummus etc).

9. Keep socializing! - you can do all the things you usually do. There's always alternative food / drink options everywhere. 

10. Literally anyone can do this! Whether you travel a lot, have kids, have never done anything like it before, have been eating a certain way for 60 years there are no barriers. Think of it as a 30 day 'experience'. The energy and clarity you will experience will make it all worth it. P.s there's never a 'good time' to start so just go for it!   

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